Discover Gilmerton Cove

Delve deep into the past of one of Edinburgh’s most intriguing and enigmatic sites and discover Edinburgh’s best kept secret.

Visit this unique hand carved subterranean attraction with seven different rooms featuring rock hewn furniture tables and chairs, after extensive historical and archaeological research investigators still don’t know the exact origins of this site. Not suitable for children under 5 years. (5-15 years must be accompanied by an adult). Tours run every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 and 2pm also some weekdays at 11am, additional times available for group bookings.

Tours must be booked in advance:

Use or online booking form to make a reservation.

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Tel: 07914 829177


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The cove has features such as a well, a fireplace, a blacksmiths forge and two back filled tunnels just waiting to be explored – theories abound as to its origins and uses. Secret Drinking Den? Covenanters Refuge? Witches Coven? Secret Meeting Place? Hellfire Club? Knights Templar? 300 or 2000 years old? You decide.

Gilmerton Cove


What are the best shoes to wear?

Wear comfortable sensible shoes suitable for an uneven surface.

How long does the tour last?

Each tour lasts between 45mins and 1 hour.

Will we bang our heads?

We provide helmets so even the tallest visitors are in safe hands.

Do we need to book ahead?

Yes, all tours must be booked in advance.

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